Swift Key keyboard for Android update turns wintery

SwiftKey got a new theme for winter this week. It’s called “Ice”, and it is what it sounds like. The alternative keyboard shows off a wintery look with snowflakes that collect at the bottom of the display as you type. The update in which the theme is included also includes an array of bug fixes.

Each time you tap a key, more snow falls to the bottom, accumulating just below the spacebar. Visibility is still about 98%, so typing conditions are still safe for cross-country communication for the holidays.

You can get the theme in one of two ways. You can tap and hold the 123 switch key on the keyboard, or you can launch the app from the app drawer. After that, open your swifty key theme options and choose Ice.

On a less whimsical note, the update included a range of fixes for punctuation insertion, field switching in some apps, and force closes in the app. In the smileys layout, the last column of the keyboard will no longer appear cut off. Hangouts should now let you insert text after emoticons when using swifty key

Furthermore, the update will address the problem of two instances inadvertently opening when tapped twice in the installer summary screen. When signing in to Cloud, the app will no longer hide the field, and notifications will no longer interrupt installation on the Cloud screen.

SOURCE: Swifty key on google key

VIA: Android community of slash gear 


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