How To Convert Samsung Galaxy To A PS3 Controller

For a better gaming experience, convert your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone or Tablet into a wireless PlayStation 3 controller.

Convert Samsung Galaxy To A PS3 Controller

Mobile gaming has become incredibly popular over the past few years. However, for hardcore gamers it still falls down in one crucial aspect – the relatively poor on-screen controls provided.

Whether the game in question provides a software joypad or requires taps and swipes for you to work towards victory, touch-screen devices simply aren’t ideal for serious gaming. Controls stick can be unresponsive or generally let you down – something that can prove particularly frustrating on the more expensive, high-end titles.

Fortunately, there is an excellent solution to this problem, one that can help you gain an edge, particularly in multiplayer or online gaming. Bluetooth enables you to wirelessly connect traditional physical game controllers to your Android phone or tablet, offering a far superior, console-like gaming experience. Using a low-cost app and your Sony PlayStation 3 wireless controller, prepare for some fantastic gaming experiences on your Galaxy device.

To achieve this, you will first need to install software to integrate your phone or tablet, find the Bluetooth address for it and then add this to your PlayStation 3 controller. After confirming that your phone or tablet is compatible with the joypad, you can then proceed, installing the drivers and pairing the devices via Bluetooth.

Finally, all that should be left for you to do is configure Galaxy to use the game controller and fine-tune your favourite mobile games to respond more accurately so that you can achieve gaming success.

once you’ve tried it out and experienced the far more responsive, accurate controls, you’ll wonder how you ever managed with software game controllers!

So follow our step-by-step guide and gain more control over your games.

1. Install the app
1Search Google Play for Sixaxis Controller and install the free Sixaxis Compatibility Checker which will also be displayed. Are your phone and controller compatible? Run the app and press Start. If successful, a message will display the Bluetooth address – make a note of this.






2. Connect Joypad
2Connect your PS3 wireless pad to a PC via USB. Download the free SixaxisPairTool, unzip and install it (Linux users should download the sixpair utility). open the folder, right-clicking SixaxisPairTool.exe and selecting Run as Administrator.






3. Bluetooth address
3With SixaxisPairTool running, enter the Bluetooth address into the Change Master field. Click Update and wait for confirmation. Disconnect your controller. Next, install the Sixaxis controller app from the Google Play Store.






4. Pair your controller
4You can now pair your controller with your Android device. Run Sixaxis Controller and select Start to activate the driver. Tap the power button n your PS3 controller to make it detectable. Within a couple of seconds the devices will be paired.






5. Alter input method
5Although the controller is now paired, it cannot yet be used for games. To do this you will need to change the current input method for your Android device. Tap the Change IME button. This launches the Keyboard and input methods settings screen.






6. Assign input method
6The Sixaxis Controller app will prompt Android to add your PS3 controller as an input device. You will also see a warning advising that the app may be able to collect personal data. click OK to agree to the change. Sixaxis Controller will now be listed as an input method.







7. Control with Sixaxis
7The input method still needs to be activated, so switch back to the Sixaxis app and tap Change IME. Select Sixaxis Controller as the active input method. to check it is working, move your controller – the cursor should move around the screen!







8. Launch a game
8Time to test it out. open Apps and find a game that you think would benefit from improved control. Avoid puzzlers and aim for arcade games or RPGs – something that requires intensive gameplay and interaction to get good results.







9. Sixaxis gaming
9In most cases you should find that the basic controls are all you need to play. To adjust these, tap the small box to the right of the Sixaxis Controller entry in the Keyboard and input methods screen and select Gamepad Settings>Exit Mappings.







10. Compatible Games
10Most Android games should accept input from the Sixaxis controller. For the best gaming experience you’ll need to head to Google Play and look for games that demand intense play, such as Need For Speed or Grand Theft Auto : Vice City.



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