How To Use Full MS Office On Android

Even though there are multiple word processors available for the Android platform, having worked on Microsoft Office on a daily basis on your PC or laptop makes it difficult to get accustomed to a new version of word processor. If you would like to access all the features of MS Office, you will have to download and install an app called CloudOn. The app allows you to save files on the cloud using anyone of the following services : Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive and Box. You can always download the files to your device, edit them and then upload them back on to the cloud.

The app allows you to view other files as well like images and PDF files with the help of a built-in File Viewer and Adobe Reader. CloudOn is not limited to only word processed files, but also allows you to create, review, edit spreadsheets and presentations by using Excel and PowerPoint. It also gives you the options to rename files and share them in the form of links or email attachments.

1. Sign up to CloudOn
When you run the CloudOn app, it will ask you to either sign in or create an account. If you don’t have an account then just tap the latter and select a storage account at either SkyDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox or Box.

2. Seeing your files

By accessing one of your cloud services, you can start viewing the files. You can access the other storage options by just tapping and signing in. To view the document stored in a particular account, just tap that storage account.



3. Choose a document

You will see a list of documents available in your storage account. Beside every file will be a file type visible. For example : MS Word or Adobe Reader. Just tap on the file that you would like to access.




4. Get editing

You will see a word processing layout which you would be very familiar with. You will find a series of menus at the top. Just tap one of these options and you will see icons below which will offer various functions like bold, italics or pie charts, etc.



5. Using the keyboard

You can tap anywhere within the document text and a keyboard will pop up for you to make changes to the document which will be saved on the cloud storage. You can also make a not about your changes and time that you edited the document is also visible.



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